Bring out your inner thespian and make your story come alive All companies need to advertise and what better way than creating your own advert. In Lights, Camera Action, you will need to select a team member who will make for an epic director, then script writers with talent and of course the actors and actresses.

Once the script is done, direction is sorted, costumes chosen, it’s time to rehearse. Make sure the entire team is well briefed and knows their lines and queues.

Like many a good soap, live action is always more exciting so after your rehearsal, filming must be taken in one continuous shot! The pressure is on for you to all come together in making your one short advertising masterpiece.

So let’s make something great. Think of the adverts you’ve always remembered, what was it about them that stuck?
How did they include brand message, engage with consumers, was it funny, quirky or just plain daft. Whatever it was you’ve remembered it so it must have been good.

Here are some quick fire questions to get your creative juices flowing and your memory agonising as the answers sit on the tip of your brain ….

Wanna play? Grab your team and away we go

1). Who remembers the R Whites Lemonade song?
First to sing it gets 10 points.
Another 5 if you also remember what he was wearing

2). Click play above and shout out loud what advert this relates to. First one to correctly answer gets another 10 points with 5 bonus points if you can say the catchy slogan always quoted at the end of those ads.

3). Cadburys Flake….after all, it is ‘only the crumbliest flakiest chocolate…’ Sing it for 10 points

4). SMASH – 5 points for telling the team what the main characters of the advert were and another 5 if you can sing the tagline

5). If we say….the holidays are coming, holidays are coming, you immediately think……? boom 10 points however If you didn’t guess this one, stick to the day job. Maybe you should be hidden in the cast of your advert…at the back somewhere, behind Bob from accounting and Lucy from legal…

If you got them all right… clearly have too much time on your hands and watch too much tv. But, you are going to be perfect at managing your rabble into producing something spectacular, memorable and fun!

This activity requires creativity, leadership, planning and is a real team pleaser.






Everyone I have spoken to has expressed how much they enjoyed the day, even though they were very soggy come the end. Please pass our thanks & gratitude to the team that helped make our day such fun.


Thank you so very much for all your help with our recent Family Fun Day. As we are sure you could tell, everyone enjoyed their day.  The activities were very well planned, as was the layout of the venue.


This is the third time our charity has used this fabulous venue for our Family Fun Day. The organisation was superb. The team led by Tim for our event could NOT have worked harder to ensure our event was a huge success.


Big thank you to you all! The rain cleared and we were able to shoot in the woods all morning. Food and service was great too. Taking international visitors out for food can sometimes be a challenge but every one of them loved it.


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