The Squidge Games
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Check out some fabulous new Team Building Challenges at The Heart of England

Team Building At Heart…

Team Building at The Heart of England Conference and Events Centre has never been so exciting. We’ve added new challenges to test your teams grit and can’t wait for you to try them.

New activities recently added: 

The Squidge Games

Yes it is loosely based on the new Netflix phenomenon however there won’t be any fatal eliminations….promise! Enter the arena through our very own Squidge Wall. Will you win at red light, green light, will your conscience be tugged leaving team mates behind, will you step over other players to get to the end…. who will be triumphant and exit the playing arena in one piece? The stakes couldn’t be higher…. read more 

Black Cab Scavenger Hunt

You must select one of your team to be cabby for the day whilst the rest of you, armed with only an ipad, tourists map and your wits, seek out the tourist hostposts marked on your map. Along the way you will be hunting & gathering a plethora of souvenirs (clues) using your team ipad to take pics of each one as well as the team photos at each marked tourist hotspot located around our 160 acres at The Heart of England.
Don’t let your cabby take any shortcuts along the way as you need all the pics at the end to be able to solve a riddle with the clues you’ve gathered throughout your tour… read more 


Have you had a go at this one yet? Introduced before lockdown and based on the Netflix original your adventure starts with a ride down to the woods on our Supertruck. Covering your eyes as we set off, you soon arrive at The Cabin in the Woods. Making your way from the truck to the cabin is not as easy as you might think as you will all be blindfolded….and now the Bird Box challenge begins! As a team, you must source and make a supply run, navigate challenging terrains, utilise your other senses, make difficult decisions, sacrifice team mates and listen to each other all in the attempt to find ‘sanctuary’… read more  

For more information on our team building activities and challenges visit our website today. 

We have indoor and outdoor activities on offer as well as multi-activity fun days available for both half and full days. 

Fancy breakfast on arrival – lunch?

We have flexible catering options available tailored to your time with us from breakfast batches to grab bag lunches or sit down meals. The choice is yours. 

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teambuilding at the heart of england
Tuesday, 25 July 2017 / Published in News

Bringing your teams back together is not only healthy for your business, being outside near water, trees and in the open air is proven to increase Health and Wellbeing too! 

To that end we have pulled together some very enticing packages for both half day and full day activities.


£99 per person plus VAT 

Group size 5 to 15 

Activities 3 

Including 1 *motorised activity 
Choice of finale activity 1 
Includes a choice of a light lunch with refreshments or breakfast batches and coffee/tea on arrival 
Bottle of bubbly for winner to the winning team 


£150 per person plus VAT 

Group size 10 to 30 

Activities 6 

Including 2 *motorised activities 
Choice of finale activity 1 
Includes a light lunch with refreshments 
Bottle of bubbly for winner to the winning team 

School Races
Tuesday, 25 July 2017 / Published in News

School races has always been a favourite with teams visiting the Heart of England and this summer was no exception. School sports day favourites including rounders, sack race, egg and spoon and even the wheelbarrow race were all enjoyed outside in the stunning grounds of Heart of England

Tuesday, 25 July 2017 / Published in News

Our quads are extremely powerful 580cc bikes. This makes for exciting team building with either Quad Trekking through the Heart of England woodland and grounds or quad relay with larger groups. Either way, taming these beasts is a challenge all of its own. The Heart of England are dedicated to delivering the best in team building and by regularly updating the equipment we can ensure a good time is had by all.