Take a peak if your dare at Birdbox Team Building Challenge, Coventry!

If you’ve seen Bird Box, the film on Netflix, you will already know what might be in store for you. In a controlled environment where your safety is paramount, you can enjoy the full thrill of The Bird Box Team Building Challenge.

Half Day and Full Day Packages are available. Suitable for teams in multiples of 4.


Half Day

Your adventure starts with a ride down to the woods on our Supertruck. Covering your eyes as we set off, you soon arrive at The Cabin in the Woods.

Making your way from the truck to the cabin is not as easy as you might think as you will all be blindfolded….and now the Bird Box challenge begins!

As a team, you must source and make a supply run, navigate challenging terrains, utilise your other senses, make difficult decisions, sacrifice team mates and listen to each other all in the attempt to find ‘sanctuary’.


Challenges you will encounter along the way: Driving whilst blindfolded, follow the leader, solving clues, finding items all leading towards getting you out of harms way. You may encounter deception and intrigue from people you trust most, throwing your head into a spin as you try and untangle truth from lies. Do you dare take a look for yourself, do you sacrifice a team mate to look for you? What you decide could stop you from making it to Sanctuary! Now it is in touching distance, you must work out how to get across to it.


Full Day

Additional challenges are set to test you further with Virtual Reality and Raft Building part of your day.

BOYS & GIRLS, you won’t make it to sanctuary unless you can work together as a team. Call 01676 540333 today!

Challenges are set to test and improve: Leadership, Communication, Trust & Teamwork.





Everyone I have spoken to has expressed how much they enjoyed the day, even though they were very soggy come the end. Please pass our thanks & gratitude to the team that helped make our day such fun.


Thank you so very much for all your help with our recent Family Fun Day. As we are sure you could tell, everyone enjoyed their day.  The activities were very well planned, as was the layout of the venue.


This is the third time our charity has used this fabulous venue for our Family Fun Day. The organisation was superb. The team led by Tim for our event could NOT have worked harder to ensure our event was a huge success.


Big thank you to you all! The rain cleared and we were able to shoot in the woods all morning. Food and service was great too. Taking international visitors out for food can sometimes be a challenge but every one of them loved it.


bringing teams back together